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the success and outstand
in the yonder...

towards success

“Altan Joloo” group was established in 1992 and now expanded to become a group
of companies with 6 subsidary companies. We are a 100 percent local Mongolian
company with over 1500 full time employees. 

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Beverage Manufacturing
Trade services
Import and Foreign trade
Import and Foreign trade
Beverage Manufacturing
Property Business


It is vital for any business entities to be aware and ultimately synchronize
its business activities with matters that are globally important such as
environment and social welfare issues etc. Same concept applies to the
business activities of Altan Joloo Group. 

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Welcome to
Altan Joloo Group

As one of the leading companies in Mongolia, Altan Joloo group is now operating
with over 1500 full time employees and has been constantly expanding every year.
We are a 100 percent local company and we firmly believe in supporting development
of local workforce in Mongolia through constant training and encouragement and
support to acquire global know how and perspective.  

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All recent "Altan Joloo" group related
news can be found here.

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Contact Us

Altan Joloo group, 12th khoroolol,
3rd khoroo, Bayanzurkh district,
Mongolia 210349

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